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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Classroom Walls CAN Talk

The classroom walls CAN talk. They can tell a visitor what's going on in that room. When a parent, administrator, or evaluator visits your classroom, the walls provide a wonderful way to show and tell. You can show the important work your students are doing and tell how you are addressing the Common Core State Standards.

The title of this display is "Owls from J.K. Rowling." The other page says, "Exploring Theme: What message has the author sent to the reader?" This classroom wall tells the visitor that the students have read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and learned how to find a theme* (CCSS RL.4.2). Reading the students' papers also allows them to see that they can support their answers with evidence from the text (CCSS RL.4.1).

Here the students are showing that they can create tally tables, frequency tables, and line plots (CCSS 4.MD.B.4).

This display demonstrates students' ability to conduct research (CCSS W.4.7, W.4.8, W.4.9) and develop multiple-paragraph persuasive essays (W.4.1). Since these essays were in the form of letters to their congressmen about a bill being considered, social studies standards are also being addressed.

These are only a few ways that your walls can talk. When your students do important work, hang it up! Let your classroom walls sing your praises!

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