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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Practicing Multi-Digit Numbers in Standard Form, Words, and Expanded Form

The time has come to practice writing multi-digit numbers in standard form, words, and expanded form (4.NBT.A.2). Why not have some fun? We began today's lesson with a game and an activity involving students' birthdays.

"I Have, Who Has?" - This game switched between place value, words, expanded form, and numerals. Students received number recording sheets (shown below) and were required to write each number presented, keeping everyone on task.

How does "I Have, Who Has?" work? Each student receives a card like those shown below. The first person says, "I have..." and the person with the answer has to respond, "I have..." then pose the next question. 

Click here to try it in your classroom.

The second activity involved students' personal numbers. They entered their dates of birth then translated each to standard form, words, and expanded form. These fold-overs are perfect for hanging on the classroom wall!

Finally, each student demonstrated their competency in transferring numbers between standard form, words, and expanded form on tables like this:

Yes, students need to practice writing numbers in various forms. But why not make it fun?