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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Science Is for the Birds!

In celebration of International Migratory Bird Day, let's take a look at some awesome freebies for your classroom. Resources for teaching about birds abound, and birds are everywhere!

an egret spotted in the wetland behind my house

One of my favorite sites is Project Beak. The portion of their website labeled Adaptations provides online text, graphics, and video on birds' feathers, wings, beaks, feet, skeletal system, internal organs, senses, communication, reproduction, and migration. Kids can even build a bird! They choose the bird's wings, head, feet, and habitat. The site then explains the advantages of each of its adaptations and calculates its chance of survival in the chosen habitat.

Project Beak also offers information about birds and people, Nebraska habitats, rare birds, and birding basics.

The Cornell Lab of Orinthology site hosts Live Bird Cameras. My students were mesmerized by the barred owls cam yesterday! They have also posted some great videos to help kids identify birds:

Finally, try Bird Sleuth, K-12 for kits, free resources, workshops, and webinars.

Would you like crafts and activities related to birds? Why Birds Matter: Educational Activities from Environment for the Americas has dozens of great finds. You'll find New World Vultures activity book, Predator-Prey Game, coloring pages, and much more.

Before I sign off, I can't resist posting one more picture from my back yard. Yes! The ice is off the wetland, and the swans are back!

Happy International Migratory Bird Day!