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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bedtime Book Club

I've decided to capitalize on those 30 minutes before bedtime with Bedtime Book Club. It's geared for my reluctant readers, but the whole class is invited to join.

Click on student record sheet to download for your classroom.

Research shows that independent reading is essential to increasing students' reading levels. But getting kids to read is tough! Bedtime is the perfect time to snuggle up with a book. Bedtime Book Club challenges kids to spend 30 minutes a day reading before bed.

As an added incentive, each student in the class who meets his or her reading goal will be invited to our Readers Slumber Party.

Our slumber party will be held on the last day before winter break. As you can see, pajamas, blankets, pillows, flashlights, and snacks are encouraged. We'll be closing the blinds, lowering the lights, and reading by flashlight. What fun!

Excitement is high, and one student has already met her goal! We're celebrating with clapping and cheers each time a new student is invited. Then a new child in a sleeping bag (with the student's name) is added to our classroom display.