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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Parts of Speech

My students have been working on parts of speech all year, and the cumulative exam is fast approaching. How can I hold their interest in a little more practice? I'll put them in the driver's seat with a Thanksgiving theme!

"Where do you find _______________on Thanksgiving?" will give them a chance to use a little humor (or not) with prepositional phrases. For example:

Where do you find the potato on Thanksgiving?
in hot water

Where do you find my cousin on Thanksgiving?
between Grandma and Aunt Sally

I'll use this template to create foldables for their best ideas, which can be displayed on our classroom wall.

Next, my students will write their own Thanksgiving-related sentences and label them. Since I usually write sentences for them to label, this exercise will give them a chance to think about parts of speech from a different perspective.