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Monday, January 13, 2014

Going Digital, Part 2

What's my next step in going digital? An online planbook. This was a difficult step for me! I didn't want to give up my tired, old planbook (and all of it's eraser marks).

A teacher friend recently recommended Since they offered one month free (and the service is a reasonable $12 per year), I thought, "What the heck! Why not?" and took the plunge. Here's a peek at this week's plans (still not totally finished).

This is just the top part of the page. I scroll down to reveal the rest. 

The daily plans can be printed as a pdf. Here's the first page of today's plans:

What do I like best about a digital planbook?
  • Files can be attached.
  • Standards can be attached.
  • Notes can be attached.
  • I can easily share plans with my student teacher and/or other colleagues.
  • I can work from school or from home (or from anywhere).
  • I can click "bump" and my plans for that subject all move up one day. (No more erasing!)
  • I feel like I've joined the 21st Century!
Don't get me wrong: I miss my tired, old planbook. But change is good.