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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Resources for Multiplication (3.NBT.A.3, 4.NBT.B.5, 5.NBT.B.5, 5.NBT.B.7)

Multiplication is a big deal for middle grade students. In third grade, the Common Core State Standards expect students to "multiply one-digit numbers by multiples of 10" (3.NBT.A.3). By fourth grade, they're tasked with multiplying "a whole number of up to four digits by a one-digit whole number" and "two two-digit numbers" (4.NBT.B.5). Fifth graders must "fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers" (5.NBT.B.5) and multiply decimals to hundredths (5.NBT.B.7).

In my experience, students cannot multiply fluently without knowing their facts. Let's take a look at some resources. To help students conceptualize multiplication, use Multiplication Concepts PowerPoint Presentation by Two Boys and a Dad Productions and follow up with Multiplication Flip Booklets by Teaching My 3Jan Lindley has created a 180-page Math Facts Practice Bundle to help students practice multiplication facts from two through twelve. Zoom Zoom Classroom offers Multiplication Facts Function Tables, a learning center approach to practicing facts. If your students like secret messages, check out Crypto Riddles by The Puzzle Den. An activity and board game that correlate to the book, Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream, are available at the Teachers pay Teachers store of MJcreations. As practice continues, this colorful Multiplication Chart by Page Protector Printables and More will ensure their success.

Soon students are ready to multiply two- and three-digit numbers by a one-digit number. To make learning fun, try Math with Riddles by Misty Miller and Pumpkin Patch Multiplication Task Cards - Story Problems by Amy Alvis.

Teaching kids how to multiply two digits by two digits can be really difficult. This PowerPoint presentation and related worksheets by Lindy du Plessis support student learning with a rainbow analogy.

I'd to share three great free resources for practice of double-digit by double-digit multiplication. Kadeen Whitby has created a Color by Multiplication Fun Freebie, MissKinBK shares Multiplication Task Cards, and Terry's Teaching Tidbits offers Spider Multiplication Task Cards Freebie. I'll be using all of these in my class during October!

Do you need activities for multiplying by one- and two-digit numbers? You can purchase eight sets of multiplication task cards in this bundle or pick and choose sets by visiting the Teachers pay Teachers store of ChiliMath. Jessicca Nielsen has put together an amazing 89-page Multiplication Resource Package. Check it out!

Now, especially for fifth grade teachers, we'll take a peek at a few resources for multiplying decimals. Terry's Teaching Tidbits has tackled the difficult task of conceptualization of this skill in Multiplying Decimals Using Visual Models. To extend this conceptual model and practice multiplying decimals, try Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Task Cards for Fifth Grade by MissKinBK. For some fun practice, Misty Miller has created Math with Riddles Decimal Bundle.

I'd like to thank my friends at Teachers pay Teachers for sharing all of these great multiplication resources with us! As I said before, multiplication is a big deal for middle graders - - - but engaging resources such as these can make teaching and learning so much more fun.

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