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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Resources for Reading and Writing Numbers (4.NBT.A.2, 5.NBT.A.3a)

Do you need free and/or inexpensive materials to help your students read and write numbers in standard form (numbers), expanded form, and words? If so, you've come to the right place!

Common Core State Standard 4.NBT.A.2 asks fourth graders to read and write whole numbers. Let's take a look at some free resources for these skills. Blair Turner has created a set of 27 cards showing Base-10 blocks, FREE Reading and Writing 3-Digit Numbers. Students look at the cards then write the matching number in standard form, expanded form, and words. Number Forms Foldable, available in the Teachers pay Teachers store of Misty Miller, works well with math journals. Students can show off their newfound number skills with Look! I can work with large numbers! from my September 1st blog.

Schoolhouse Divas offer a comprehensive Place Value & Whole Numbers Unit for the entire class. Or, if you need some some fun reinforcement, check out Write It: Math CCSS 4.NBT.2 Center (Amy's SMART Designs) and Large and Small Number Task Cards by Hello Learning.

Looking for a practical way to reinforce writing multi-digit numbers? Why not try Check Writing by Jonathan Pearson!

By fifth grade (5.NBT.A.3a), students are expected to read and write decimals. QR Number Sense Challenge, written by Brittany Washburn, uses technology to engage students in reading, writing, and comparing whole numbers and decimals.

A three-part animated PowerPoint presentation, printables, worksheets, and quizzes for whole numbers and decimals are all included in Place Value and Rounding from Mike's Math Mall.

Approaching a topic (even something as seemingly dry as writing numbers) in such diverse ways can bring a classroom to life. I'd like to say "thanks" to my friends at Teachers pay Teachers for allowing me to showcase their creative products today.