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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Resources for Numbers and Operations in Base Ten - Middle Grades

Are you looking for some engaging ways to reinforce all of the NBT standards? Look no farther!

Teacher-author Meredith Anderson has created a set of 32 task cards with word problems to review all Grade 4 NBT standards. Each card features a famous landmark.

Place Value Scavenger Hunt by Jonathan Pearson gets kids up and out of their seats to practice a variety of fourth grade skills related to place value: writing numbers in various forms, rounding, and comparing.

Visit the Teachers pay Teachers store of Terry's Teaching Tidbits for 5th Common Core Name Tag Centers in Base Ten. Simply fold these table toppers and allow students to rotate through the fifth grade NBT standards with a partner.

To help your students practice and conceptualize numeration skills, check out these fun activities from Scipi. Dots Fun for Everyone will give you fifteen games and three activities using dominos in math. Number Tiles, a 25-page resource, provides fifteen different activities for operations, primes and composites, exponents, and divisibility rules.

Engaging resources like these make my days as a teacher (and students' days as learners) so much more fun! I hope you'll try them!